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Property Management

As an absentee property owner, property management is one of those things that need to be addressed in order to get the most of your Puerto Vallarta homeownership experience. If handled correctly, the right manager can help generate real bottom-line rental revenue and protect your investment. Choosing the right property manager can also help you reduce costs.

Here are some great reasons your home can benefit from the right property management.

Lower Costs

A good property management firm enables you to leverage established vendor relationships, staffing efficiencies, and best practices for preventative maintenance programs to minimize costs while preventing premature equipment failures that lead to expensive repairs. Furthermore, it can allow you to minimize your overhead, focusing your resources on your core objectives.

Ability to Focus on Rental Revenue

Worrying about your property can prevent you from focusing on what is really important – growing your rental revenue. Property management allows you to focus on the activities that drive revenue while still maintaining a property that is clean, operational and beautiful.

Preventative Maintenance

Property management should be actively engaged in a preventative maintenance program to extend the life of your equipment, appliances, and building structure. A proactive property management firm will implement routine checks for leaks and structural issues to minimize cost and improve safety.

24/7 Coverage With Expert & Reliable Performance

Your home can benefit from a well-trained property management expert that is able to perform the services needed to maintain your property on a 24/7 basis. This includes plumbing and electrical services, drywall repairs, painting, ceiling tile repairs, carpeting, maid and employee supervision, maintenance, and closing/opening of the home. While there are many options available, most reputable property management companies have a dedicated staff that is capable and ready to fulfill all of your property management needs.

Money Management

A key part of property management is handling rental funds, your home's operational funds, employee management, and working with you to make sure you are protected from costly unnecessary problems.

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